Ready, Set, Whoa

I’ll keep this to the point……motherhood ain’t no joke!

Being almost 3 months in (technically 10 weeks, but I am not the “he is this many weeks” type of person, but I just took time out to tell you how many weeks he is so…maybe I am??) I absolutely love it. There are so many more layers to my life now. So many things to think about. So many things to do. SO MANY FEELINGS.

I love being a wife & a mom. I know I am much more than those two things, but I feel like I was built for them. Yes, I am also good at being a daughter, follower of Christ, office manager, cousin, best friend, small business owner, part-time chef, craft enthusiast, animal lover, and a bunch of other things that if I keep listing I will look like I am tooting my own horn about (TOOT-TOOT) – but the wife & mom thing is my true calling.

I started this blog/site/social media outlet because I relate so much to all the personal blogs and ladies in the groups I am in that it just felt right to have somewhere I can leave my mark on the crazy journey through life.

I plan on writing about it all – first time momming, breastfeeding, marriage, friendship, faith, love, hobbies, business ventures, trips, anxiety, stress, and happiness.

Oh & there will be memes…..lots and lots of memes.


Til next time

black and white cat
Photo by Guillaume Meurice on Pexels.com

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