Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

This past week set our holidays off in full swing. This is my favorite time of year – the lights, the music, THE FOOD!

This is my first holiday season being a Mom & I am determined to make it count. My husband and I discussed the importance of traditions prior to the holidays arriving. We both felt it was very important to develop traditions for our family. That decision came with a realization – the acceptance that we will not always be able to do all the things – make every party, see all the extended family, please everyone. We are okay with that if it means developing memories with our little family. 

Now, I’ll be first to tell ya – I’m extra as all get up. Especially now that I have a kid. I know I am blessed to be able to be extra – and when I say extra I mean family photos at a Christmas themed location, special outfits for our child for each holiday, matching pjs….you see where I am going with this. I know that there will be years that I may not be able to do all this extra stuff, I also know that this isn’t what the holidays are all about so I try to make sure I do everything for the right reasons and a giving heart. It’s hard out here y’all.

Most importantly, doing all this I want our little human to take away memories from the holidays that will last forever. I want him to remember Mom & Dad making Thanksgiving dinner every year. The smells of the food. I want him to know how to make tamales with a large group of people laughing and working hard to reap the benefits. I want him to enjoy giving back to others during this time of year. I want him to remember our Christmas tree being a mix of all kinds of ornaments because we love to do the old school decorating. I want him to remember going to the Christmas tree farm and cutting down our own tree (when he gets old enough). I want him to remember all of us cuddling on the couch and watching Christmas movies. I want him to remember that while exchanging gifts is fun, it is not the reason for the season.

All of this has ran through my head leading up to this time of year, for a moment I thought I was giving myself too large of shoes to fill. Now that the season is upon us, I have seen our son getting loved on by family at Thanksgiving, looking at Christmas lights on our tree and in the store in wonderment, seeing Santa for the first time – in these moments I cannot imagine life another way. That’s how I know we are doing it right.

I can only hope that each year we make his heart as full as he makes ours. 


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