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I don’t care if my breastfeeding makes you uncomfortable.

Read the title again.

Take a mental snapshot.

I do a lot of things in life to accommodate people. I am willing to go out of my way for someone 99% of the time.

The other 1% is when someone thinks my breastfeeding, the act of FEEDING MY CHILD, has anything to do with them.

Here’s the thing, when I breastfeed or pump, I am doing it because my baby needs to eat. I am not doing it for attention. I am not doing it to make you uncomfortable. I am not doing it for any other convoluted reason you mustered up in your own mind.

I’ve admitted, breastfeeding did seem taboo to me before I did it. I didn’t think it was weird or people did it for attention back then, I just didn’t have any experience with the topic.

Personally, I cover when I am out in public and need to feed. I know many women don’t, and that is okay. That is their journey, not mine. (See what I did there? I was okay with someone elses choice on how they feed their baby.)

I recognize the stares, people try to figure out what I am doing, and then once they do, they have to process it. Most of the time, it ends there. Sometimes you get the look lurkers, they keep looking because they don’t understand “why I have to do that” or “why my baby just can’t have a bottle”. Trust me, people aren’t shy with their feelings….at least when it comes to breastfeeding – no matter how discreet you are.

Speaking of discreet – I discreetly pump at my desk at work. What do I mean? I use bra shaped inserts that go into my shirt so I can pump at my desk and not interrupt work flow. The only way you can tell if I am pumping is if you can see the tubing running from my shirt to my pumping bag or if you hear my pump. Trust me, it still winds up being a hot topic. Something I am LEGALLY allowed to do to FEED MY CHILD – that I do completely covered and discreet as possible without interrupting work – still gets comments.

I try my hardest to let this roll off my back. I try to let other peoples lack of knowledge, personal feelings, and comments not bother me. There are days where I can just blow it off, then there are days where I want to give a 27 slide Power Point presentation on why breast is best and how it’s really none of anyone’s business and how FMLA protects breastfeeding mothers….but those days pass. It’s when they pass, I realize that none of the looks or comments ever mattered. What matters is, I’m out here doing what’s best for my baby.

Too bad if it makes you uncomfortable.

2 thoughts on “I don’t care if my breastfeeding makes you uncomfortable.”

  1. been trying to get comfortable with feeding my daughter out in public.. I normally take a bottle but sometimes when dropping my 10 yr old off to school I will forget the bottle and then realize I am the bottle lol.. when Ive had to feed in public I use a cover but honestly when this lil one is hungry I have to move quick and fast.. great read thanks feel free to check some of my blogs out.


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